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  • We currently deliver only to  Newport, Grove Street and Exchange place.

  • There are no delivery charges. (However we reserve the right to charge for delivery, depending on location). Minimum order is $12

  • We deliver only till the lobby, remember we need to deliver to every one between 6 PM and 8:30PM. Hence please make arrangements with your concierge or a friend to have it picked up, if you are not home

  • You need to place your order before 12 PM, the day you order.​

  • If you want to replace rice, with rotis, you get 2 extra rotis

  • Our containers are microwave safe

  • We deliver only Mon to Fri and our food is purely homemade, with no preservatives.

  • We currently provide dinner services only

  • The Food is cooked / prepared in a licensed commercial kitchen

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